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When you were last involved in strategic delivery planning, did you have full sight of the operational reality facing your teams every day? How comfortable were you that you had a grip on the key challenges and opportunities to realistically deliver on your objectives? How confident were you that you had managed to avoid biased thinking based on inaccurate assumption, assertion, and stereotype? …the kind of thinking that might kill your new initiative before it got started.

To help get your upfront thinking right, consider these three key points: 

  • Strategy: To effectively execute you need to get your upfront thinking right - so that it lands in your business reality providing clear direction and instructional guidance to your teams.
  • Change: To effectively execute you need a corporate story that everyone can clearly understand, identify with and believe in.
  • Engagement: When using creative techniques as part of your strategic delivery planning tool-set, it is critical that you understand with absolute clarity:
    • Why you are engaging,
    • Who you are engaging,
    • What is the most appropriate engagement mechanism,
    • How you want your audience to respond, and;
    • What you want to achieve as an outcome of your enagegement activity.

In the following video, we look at the value of visually exploring strategic thinking:

Effective execution begins with your vision!

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Ian Ure

Ian Ure

Ian Ure is Founder and Managing Partner of AllChange Strategic Consulting and is an expert in the fields of Vision and Strategy Execution, Organisational Change and Engagement Communications. Presentl