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The 8th edition of Unleashing Innovation Excellent Summit in Amsterdam will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October 2016. Two days to get to learn about challenges and opportunites for innovation, how to design an innovation project and support your innovation team, the keys to integrate innovation as part of your company culture...

This event is an opportunity to meet innovation leaders in Europe and learn about their experience. The program includes presentations and round tables, and to lend our support, HYPE is sponsoring the event.

Colin Nelson, Director of Enterprise Innovation Consulting at HYPE, will give a presentation on the 3rd of October:

Collective insights 2.0 - Moving toward a coporate utility

Key points:

  • The latest trends in idea and innovation management
  • What happens once you’ve tried crowdsourcing?
  • What does a collective insight program look like once it becomes mainstream
  • Where collective insight programs are heading through examples from leading organizations?

If you want to register, click here.

We hope to have the opportunity to see you there!

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Jessica Lopes

Jessica Lopes

Jessica is the event manager at HYPE Innovation since 2016. She is in charge of all the forums offered by HYPE to their clients, as well as the conferences HYPE takes part in. By spending so much time