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Why does HYPE organize so many forums every year? Learn-Share-Network is the motto of our events because we know that learning from your peers; sharing your experience, your successes, and your challenges; and expanding your network of fellow practitioners are some of the keys to running a successful and long-term innovation program.

Providing our client community with opportunities to regularly gather together is part of the promise we make to them when they join us. It is clearly a differentiator thanks to the quality of the content and the experience delivered at these events. The best part is that we have our clients to thank for this because they are the ones proposing to host regional forums, sharing their lessons learned and best practices on stage, and helping us make each event such a unique experience.

Our last regional forum took place close to Paris at Neopost. Thirty innovation managers spent the day together, listening to Neopost, Saint-Gobain Glass and EDF detailing and explaining the workings of their innovation programs, and participating in two workshops on the topic of "collaboration." Check out the video below to discover why the participants came to the event and the benefits they got from it:

Our next regional forum is dedicated to Idea Managers in Germany. "Ideenmanagement" is a specificity of the German market for which HYPE provides a specific solution - HYPE Improve. The same way we organize regional forums for innovation managers, we offer two forums per year to our Ideenmanagement community. The upcoming one is hosted by Siemens in Erlangen, Germany, on March 7th. 

These events are also a great opportunity for us to better understand our clients' needs and expectations for the future, and to build solutions enabling them to get the most out of their programs. This is the reason why we also take the opportunity to organize customer councils adjacent to the forums. The Siemens Forum will be preceded by a customer council, as will INNOVATE Bonn 2019, our annual gathering in Bonn with all of our clients.

The INNOVATE events are our annual forums taking place in Europe and the U.S., respectively, that gather our entire client community. We expect over 200 participants in Bonn, Germany and 50 in Boulder, Colorado. INNOVATE Bonn 2019 is coming soon as it will take place from April 9th to 12th at the Kameha Grand Hotel. It will be a special edition as we will celebrate the forum's 10th anniversary! Three days filled with clients' and experts' presentations, workshops, roundtables, and networking activities.


And don't miss our other upcoming events taking place in 2019, including:

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Jessica Lopes

Jessica Lopes

Jessica is the event manager at HYPE Innovation since 2016. She is in charge of all the forums offered by HYPE to their clients, as well as the conferences HYPE takes part in. By spending so much time