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“Are you ready for PPM?” is this year’s summit theme, where participants and speakers will discuss best practices to elevate their business process maturity.

Global provider of Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software, Planisware, are bringing together business leaders to exchange their stories and discuss those practices that have enhanced their innovation strategies. This content-packed, interactive forum is going to help you explore methodologies, structure your business processes, and learn about tools that might be helpful to support your research and development.

Sharing your experiences with like-minded practitioners and learning from industry thought leaders from Stage-Gate International, Virginia Commonwealth UniversityHYPE Innovation and other organizations, are among the benefits you’re going to get. Take home new ideas, practical insights and worthwhile contacts. Offering an excellent line-up of speakers and PPM practitioners, this event highlights some of innovation’s best practices.

Growth continues to be one of the top challenges for every company. Driven by the desire to get better and greater commercial success has an unavoidable impact on innovation professionals. To meet the increasing need for new products and services to address new and existing markets and to deliver ongoing value, enterprise innovation programs must consider sustainability if they want to grow engagement and the ROI.

Jennifer Dunn, Enterprise Innovation Consultant at HYPE Innovation, will be speaking about this particular challenge of sustainability. She has worked with clients such as BAE Systems, Boeing, and Mutual of Omaha, as well as many others. In her discussion, she will address how data-driven decision-making and differentiation among diverse types of innovation goals can help you drive a predictable and sustainable innovation pipeline, ensuring alignment with strategic business objectives.

Jennifer Dunn

With over six years of experience in early stage innovation program management supporting the enterprise innovation program at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Jennifer has valuable experience in identifying business challenges and finding solutions based on collaborative and data-driven technologies.

Learn more about the 3rd Annual Chicago Executive Innovation Summit and the agenda here: https://www.planisware.com/plus2017-chicago

Fabio Escolano Hermanns

Fabio Escolano Hermanns

Fabio Escolano Hermanns is part of HYPE’s marketing team since 2016, with a short stay at its Solution Consulting team in between. Fabio is part of a dual studies program, interconnecting the theoretical training at his university with the basic practices of different business fields. He holds a Bachelors Degree in General Management with the major International Management and is going to follow up his academic career with a master’s degree study in Business Administration. Like the rest of the marketing team, he enjoys reading and writing about innovation.