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HYPE's Regional Forums for Innovation Managers are regular events around the globe. They gather together our clients for an intensive day of learning and sharing so the participants come out fully energized and armed to run successful innovation programs.

The next one will be held at the University of California San Diego on the 3rd of November. This event is a fun one as UCSD is organizing an Innovation Labs Tour on the 4th of November. A great opportunity to visit four important locations for innovation on the campus:
  • The Basement: The Basement is a space where student entrepreneurs can gather and be nurtured, and with alumni support and visionary leadership, they can grow companies and social innovation ventures that become the fabric of our community, creating jobs and inspiring a culture of ingenuity and impact.
    The Basement promises opportunity for all university students, regardless of college or department affiliation. It provides students with mentors, guidance, and funding to bring innovative ideas to life and further stimulate, encourage, and serve the entrepreneurial spirit of UC San Diego students

  • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS): SEDS UCSD is an undergraduate student-run volunteer research group that aims to advance the future of space exploration and development technology. The group is also known for being the first student group to successfully launch a rocket powered by an entirely 3-D printed engine: the Vulcan-1

  • DroneLab: Its research focuses on drones in the context of an integrative sensing methodology for data-enabled applications. The ubiquitous applications of drones have created a broad spectrum of opportunities related to designing, developing, testing and deploying airborne, terrestrial and submersible robots that are carrying a variety of payloads, ranging from multispectral imaging to physical sample collection or placement in time-critical environments

  • EnVision Labs: The EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio at UC San Diego is a hands-on, experiential education facility where visual arts and engineering communities converge. The nearly 3,000 square foot studio provides a wide range of design, fabrication and prototyping tools, both analog and digital.

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Jessica Lopes

Jessica Lopes

Jessica is the event manager at HYPE Innovation since 2016. She is in charge of all the forums offered by HYPE to their clients, as well as the conferences HYPE takes part in. By spending so much time