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HYPE Webinar: Discovery Driven Growth - A Blue Print for New Ventures

Webinar Date: November 18th, (5pm CET = 11am EST)

Whenever we try to create anything, whether it be a new business innovation or we simply bake a cake, we always need to select an approach in achieving this. Unlike a cake, which has a recipe and a set of ingredients with a mostly predictable outcome, creating a new product, service, or business model comes with many layers of uncertainty, and an outcome that is not only unclear but also subject to change. As innovators we thrive on this uncertainty. However, to budget owners and leadership this is big fat RISK, reducing the appetite for support (despite your amazing presentation showing promising returns)!

In this webinar, Lauren Salisbury will introduce the Discovery Driven Growth, an innovation system that:

  • offers an non-conventional innovation approach to stimulate innovative growth options
  • mitigates risks by turning uncertainty into knowledge and ensuring you don’t let assumptions bias your decision making
  • ensures you receive the leadership support and resources necessary to meet your innovation targets without jumping through hoops every time!
  • reinforces innovation as a credible and relevant part of your business with tangible impact on future growth

    Lauren Salisbury speaking for HYPE Innovation webinar

Lauren Salisbury

Lauren is an Innovation & Growth Professional, passionate about creating and implementing business growth opportunities through technology-led innovation. She has a proven track record of bringing new and different businesses, services, and products to the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry globally for over 15 years.

Lauren is a leader and motivator, believing the foundation for growth starts with the right culture. For her it is crucial to create an environment that empowers people to embrace creativity and develop ideas with agility, no fear of failure, and focussed on delivering impactful business change.

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Michel Meisterjahn

Michel Meisterjahn

Michel is HYPE's Director of Marketing and holds a Master's degree in General and Applied Linguistics from the University of Bonn. Having worked in HYPE’s professional service team for over 5 years, and in the marketing team for 6 more, he has a profound understanding of the diverse challenges innovation professionals face and share around the globe. During that time, he developed a fascination for how specialized technology can help to simplify the complex and manifold challenges for innovation managers.