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Nouvelles_dynamiques_de_l_innovationnotes from our mindmap designer

On November 18th, HYPE Innovation hosted a joint event with Capgemini to discuss innovation management with a select group of participants.

Approximately 50 participants took part, from companies across Europe. HYPE Innovation clients Airbus, Edenred, Bombardier and Areva all presented at the venue, the “Tour Europlaza”, at La Défense – the business district of Paris. A great location and also great attendees, including big French companies like l’Oréal, SFR, Total, GrdF, eDF, Alstom, Caisse des Dépots, la Poste and many more.

Among the key topics discussed were:

  • Will an idea and innovation management software work in our company – and how?
  • How do you motivate your colleagues to get involved in the innovation process?
  • Why would they spend time on that?
  • How would I persuade my manager to sponsor the innovation management platform or single challenges within it? How will you see ROI?

Some of the answers to those questions are also covered in our webinar for new starters to innovation management and crowdsourcing: Getting a Return of Investment out of Enterprise Innovation run by Colin Nelson.

If you'd rather have a read and you only want to have a clear picture about how much (or not!) you company is ready for a collaborative approach for idea or innovation management with the help of a software you can go through this rating list, and take a quick self-assessment: how well is your culture positioned for collaborative innovation?

HYPE is looking forward to running more innovation sessions in France in 2015.


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Diana Todorova

Diana Todorova