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From the 5th to 7th of October, HYPE innovation will take part in the Front-End Innovation event at the Hotel Palace in Berlin.  The event is covering innovation aspects through three main themes:

Future Trends in Innovation
Strategy and Execution
Culture and Leadership

Colin Nelson Director of Enterprise Innovation Consulting at HYPE Innovation Colin Nelson, Director of Enterprise Innovation Consulting at HYPE, will talk about the trends in innovation management, the impact of crowd sourcing for a company, and give examples of collective insight programs.
Join us on the 5th of October at 15:15

Several clients of HYPE will also be presenting their innovation programs at the event, including Stora Enso, WILO SE, Roche, IBM and Airbus. In these sessions you'll learn how HYPE's platform and services help to build a sustainable program for innovation management. Click here to check the entire agenda of the event.

Register here

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Jessica Lopes

Jessica Lopes

Jessica is the event manager at HYPE Innovation since 2016. She is in charge of all the forums offered by HYPE to their clients, as well as the conferences HYPE takes part in. By spending so much time