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Innovation means shaping the future. If done right, it means creating a better tomorrow. The team at HYPE wants to add our voices – and yours! – to create a fairer world. A world where gender equality is a reality and every person gets the opportunity to speak up and make a difference.

Our upcoming online event, Women in Innovation (register here), is one of our contributions to this ambitious goal. Inspired by the International Women's Day theme, "Choose to Challenge," HYPE is hosting a series of conversations with women in innovation and leadership roles on March 9th. Women of diverse backgrounds, industries, and cultures will share their experiences working in innovation and how they choose to challenge the status quo.

Why 'Women in Innovation?'

In my daily life as an innovation management consultant, I interact with significantly more men than women. I compared my experience with my colleagues and network. I confirmed that I am not alone in noticing the unequal amount of men and women in innovation roles. HYPE decided it was time to do something about this and challenge the status quo. We launched our "Women in Innovation" initiative last year, which strives to provide a female perspective on innovation topics to encourage more women to pursue a career in innovation, champion it in their organizations, and pave the way for future generations.

About the event

We're offering two sessions to accommodate our international audience. Each session has two speakers and a lot of time for additional networking. If your schedule allows, feel free to join both! 

No matter if you're already in innovation or you're brand new and just want to learn more, everyone is welcome to join the free event! And I seriously mean everyone - you don't have to be a woman to attend!

Let me introduce you to our four main speakers and tell you how they're choosing to challenge the status quo.


natalie-turnerNatalie Turner
Author of "Yes, You Can Innovate" and Inventor of The Six 'I's® of Innovation

Natalie Turner, who we started this initiative with last year, is the author of "Yes, You Can Innovate" and inventor of The Six 'I's® of Innovation – among many other things! She has truly found her passion for innovation, particularly in women's innovation and women's leadership development. To further contribute to this purpose, she founded Women Who Lead, a retreat, coaching service, and community for female executives to provide space to grow their leadership potential from a position of grounded strength. We are very honored to have her as our keynote speaker. Natalie will share how you can find your purpose as an innovator, take on leadership, and take action.

senela-jayasuriyaSenela Jayasuriya, Founder & CEO of Women Empowered Global, Diverse Consultants (Pvt) Ltd and the WEG Global Academy

Senela has done so many incredible things that I simply cannot list all of them here – but I can't wait for you to meet her! She is among the 13 trailblazing women worldwide featured in the book "Women Going Global." She also founded Women Empowered Global, a platform empowering women worldwide through leadership building, networking platforms, career advancement, creating economic opportunities, and entrepreneurial programs. We have the great pleasure to have her as our second speaker, where she will explore how to overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt, grow resilience, and build your capacity for leadership to convert challenges into new opportunities.

jeanette-uddohJeanette Uddoh, Head of Innovation at Access Bank Plc and Founder of Africa Rising – Women in Innovation

I met Jeanette at a digital conference last year, and we immediately hit it off while talking about women in innovation. As Head of Innovation of Nigeria's largest bank, Jeanette knows what she's talking about and has faced numerous challenges. To solve them collaboratively, she founded "Africa Rising – Women in Innovation," a community of innovators championing the cause of neo-African and African women in innovation. I am delighted to say that Jeanette will be the first speaker during our second session, focusing on the gender and diversity gap in innovation. She will dig deeper into how women can participate in STEM in Africa and how important visible female role models, mentorship, and sponsorship are for women in innovation.

fabienne-jacquetFabienne Jacquet, Disruptive Innovator and Author: VENUS GENIUS: The Female Prescription for Innovation

Once you meet Fabienne, you can instantly feel her energy and her passion. Fabienne managed to reinvent herself multiple times in her life, and right now, she's doing it again. She is a Ph.D. chemist turned marketer turned disruptive innovator turned book author and speaker, and I dare you to find a person more enthusiastic about the feminine perspective on innovation. Do you think innovation has to be purely driven by effectiveness and measurable goals? Fabienne will be our final speaker and will shed some light on how emotions play a big role and how we can "innovate the feminine way." If you can't wait to meet her, check out her book, Venus Genius: A Female Prescription for Innovation.

After learning from these inspiring speakers, you'll have time to ask questions in our Q&A sessions before heading into a networking session. We're thrilled for you to meet each other, meet the speakers, and meet 20 more amazing women in innovation who will moderate roundtables during our networking sessions.

I hope at this point you are just as excited as I am about our "Women in Innovation: Choose to Challenge" event on March 9th.

Save your seat!

Register now if you haven't already! And reach out to me at sandra.fernholz@hypeinnovation.com if you have any questions!

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Sandra Fernholz

Sandra Fernholz

Sandra is the Head of Social Impact and Sustainability at HYPE Innovation. In her work, she pursues the triple bottom line with clients to innovate for people, planet, and profit alike. For the past 4