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We launched this blog just under a year ago, with the aim of providing insights and expertise for those in the position of innovation manager, or similar role. We hope we've achieved that to some degree!

Recently we posted our 100th blog post since launching, so we thought we'd bring together ten of the best articles into a handy PDF download. We focused the articles around three core areas:

  • Innovation Culture
  • Innovation Programs
  • Innovation Strategy

It's hard keeping up with all the content out there, and with new posts every week, we don't expect you to read everything we publish. So if you want to catch up on some new ideas, this PDF download makes it easy to do so online, offline, or travelling.

Cultures, programs, and strategy's brochure by HYPE InnovationDownload the PDF

We hope you find the content interesting - we'd love to know either way.


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Tim Woods

Tim Woods

During his career, which also included a longer stay at HYPE, Tim has been working in the product development as in the marketing sector. With a background in software development, Tim has worked in