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Forget Best Practice, It Is All About Next Practice

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Nov 23, 2016 12:08:56 PM

Often you hear the request made of “can you give us a best practice snapshot; we would like to get a sense of where we are”.

The trouble with best practice is you are looking at someone else’s practices and these are highly individual, made up of different groups of methodologies, processes, rules, theories, values and concepts. These together have provided that specific company a level of success that others - mostly competitors - begin to notice. As the famous line in the film When Harry met Sally as Meg Ryan was faking it, went “I’ll have what she’s having”. No, there is no such thing as best practices, you can’t simply pick up and plug and play, as one organization's initiative is never the same set of conditions or positioning that others can simply copy.

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The 5 Skills of The Innovator

Posted by Tim Woods on May 25, 2016 3:55:50 PM

Are innovator’s born differently? Do they have a special something which eludes the rest of us? Or, can innovative traits be studied, understood, and learned? In a study of 72 ‘known innovators’, and 310 executives, it transpired that the innovators consistently demonstrated 5 key skills more than the regular executives.

Surprisingly, four of the skills are physical ones, and only one is cognitive. Suggesting that you can take specific action yourself to create more chances of creating novel ideas, and that in terms of creativity, nurture rather than nature holds the cards. Discovery skills are what the authors call them, and they've been explained in detail in the book The Innovator's DNA - let’s take a look at each of them.

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Best Of The Bonn Forum: The Secret Sauce

Posted by Oana-Maria Pop on May 16, 2016 8:17:21 PM

Continuing the “Best Of The Bonn Forum” series, this next post is all about some of the handy (and often surprising) resources our presenters used to refine and redefine their innovation processes, principles and culture. From “children’s” stories to established toolkits and cutting-edge software & algorithms, getting innovation started is as much a science as it is an art.

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Understanding your Innovation Culture – A Case-Study from Swisslog

Posted by Colin Nelson on Feb 22, 2016 6:00:00 AM
How do your company’s employees react when asked to participate in enterprise collaborative innovation?
  • Do employees cheer enthusiastically, as they are finally able to get involved?
  • Perhaps there’s a degree of cynicism having seen corporate initiatives fail in the past?
  • Do employees understand what you’re trying to do?

It can be hard to understand whether you have an ‘innovation culture’ and to what extent that’s propagated the organization, however, running idea campaigns helps to develop a clearer picture.

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The Five Pillars of Trust for Innovation Programs

Posted by Michel Meisterjahn on Feb 9, 2016 1:05:41 PM

We all know that innovation management is hard work. Yet somehow, for some innovation professionals the challenge is harder than for others. Innovation managers are often the “lone wolf” in their company, especially when they are just getting started. Whether systematic online innovation management didn’t happen at all before or whether the last program just failed, it can be a serious challenge to convince management and fellow employees that there is actually business value in what you do.

If you’re one of the lone wolfs, here’s some guidance on how to get started when you set out to make innovation management work at your company.

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Stop innovation fizzling out due to lack of leadership buy in

Posted by Lauren Salisbury on Aug 28, 2015 6:00:00 AM

I never seemed to have a shortage of ideas but getting the business support necessary to actually drive them through to implementation was at times struggle.

We have heard many times over that a tangible and impactful innovation program requires alignment of strategy, vision, leadership, culture, processes, systems and communication.  Easy right?  We all know it is not that simple, and the truth is, in many cases we find ourselves faced with a business that wants ‘Innovation as a core pillar for growth’, however at the same time it quietly resists this change making the job of innovation managers feel more like ‘innovation sales’ one day and ‘innovation politicians’ the next.

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How to trigger valuable discussions in collaborative innovation?

Posted by Christoph Sohn on Jun 2, 2015 5:13:31 PM

An essential part of a modern innovation platform - and hence the difference to a mere idea drop box - is the possibility for the community to collaborate in order to discover ideas with great potential, pinpoint weaknesses of some ideas and develop good ones further. The main feature to support this is the discussion functionality which allows every user to leave comments on an idea which are visible to others.

Good comments add pieces of information to the idea which are helpful in the review and concepting phase. But what are actually "good", useful comments, that we‘d like to get?

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Outside / Inside Innovation: Combining Open Innovation with Employee Networks to Drive Success

Posted by Anthony Ferrier (CEO - Culturevate) on Mar 30, 2015 7:00:00 AM

While Innovation Programs have been around for some time, in the past 2-3 years there has been growth in two-major areas:

  • “Open” Innovation: A methodology, whereby ideas, inspirations and insights are sourced from outside of an organization.
  • Employee Innovation Networks: An approach that connects, educates and engages key employees around innovation skills, on an ongoing basis.

To date, both of these areas have been important to innovation leaders but in distinct and parallel ways. While this separation has made sense, it is now important for innovation leadership to consider how these focus areas can be better aligned to enhance business results. This should be considered within the context of interrelated, complex organization structures and the drive to enhance impact in an efficient manner.

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The Innovation Manager's Reading List

Posted by Tim Woods on Mar 10, 2015 7:00:00 AM

As an Innovation Manager, drawing inspiration from those who have walked the ground before you, is one of the most important tasks you have. In a recent Harvard Business Review article (December 2014), the folks at Innosight pulled together a reading list for those new to the challenge, and advise them to:

"Have your team devour the literature of best innovation practices and develop its own checklist, hang it on the wall, and refer to it frequently."

Some might see a few interesting omissions (The Innovator's Dilemma, perhaps?), and the inclusion of two books by the Innosight guys themselves is a little questionable, but overall it's a great place to start. What do you think - which books would you have on an essentials list?

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12 Good Practices in Open Innovation for the Year to Come

Posted by Oana-Maria Pop on Jan 14, 2015 9:00:00 AM

© Bill Watterson


A few days ago an email alert from The Economist informed me that one of the year’s bestselling (Christmas) presents had so far been a drone. You know drones, right? Those unmanned aerial vehicles set out on pre-defined missions like land surveying, parcel delivering or checking power lines so that men hanging from helicopters don’t have to. Despite all these exciting developments, it’s not all fun and games and creative business applications in the drone world. If regulators (like America’s Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), who have banned commercial drones almost completely by the way) fail to get on board, this former military innovation’s routes-to-market will remain blocked and its potential severely underexplored.

And this takes us back to a fundamental issue in Open Innovation: clarifying operating principles. Here, coming to terms with with regulators and establishing by formal consensus what can and should be done to benefit everyone – policy makers, marketers, experts on the factory floor, users and service providers like Amazon etc. – in the product’s ecosystem would do the trick.

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