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Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft researches and works across innovation, looking to develop novel innovation solutions and frameworks where appropriate. He provide possible answers to many issues associated around innovation with a range of solutions that underpin his advisory, coaching and consulting work at www.agilityinnovation.com . His aim is to support individuals, teams and organizations in their innovation activity applying what he has learnt to further develop core innovation understanding so clients can achieve positive and sustaining results from their innovating activities to extend and build their capacity and capabilities.
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Recent Posts

Evaluating Crowdsourcing - has it a bright future?

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Mar 16, 2016 11:32:04 AM

Crowdsourcing has been interesting to me intellectually for some time, it seems to have the ability to help solve vexing questions, real challenges, and connecting different voices, into a community that can open up the fields of opportunity for new solutions.  It does have both the potential to point towards disrupting possibilities, extends the concept of open innovation into a wider source of participation from a diverse community not possible to reach by other means as effectively. It can simply connect a ‘crowd’ of people into a common purpose. All in all, if applied carefully it can provide you a leading edge of innovation knowledge and insight.

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Topics: Ideation & Collaboration

Building a compelling business case for an integrated innovation framework

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Feb 16, 2016 6:00:00 AM

All too often strategy is not influencing the behaviours and outcomes around innovation, it is simply allowing them to be left to chance. Innovation is being ‘pushed down’ the organization for others to interpret and offer their answers. This lack of alignment and top leadership engagement is one of the main causes why many organizations seem to just simply ‘limp’ along in their innovation activity.

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Topics: Methods & Frameworks

Valuing an integrated framework-  introducing the Executive Innovation Work Mat

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Jan 31, 2016 1:45:27 PM

Innovation stands in service to strategic goals such as growing market share, differentiation and disrupting adjacent markets, serving the consistent changing and demanding customer needs by spotting these and then exploiting them rapidly and effectively.

Creating clear goals and linking/aligning innovation to those more agile strategies is a vital role for CEO’s and senior executives. Senior executives must establish the manner in which innovation fits within the strategic context established by goals, vision and strategies. They cannot abdicate this role. Change is hard, so is innovation.

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Topics: Methods & Frameworks

The integrated innovation framework

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Jan 25, 2016 5:00:00 AM

We cannot get away from the reality that in most of our organizations we have a disconnect going on around innovation. Research shows a lack of engagement in non-managers, claiming that 7 out of 10 of employees are not understanding how they can make a worthwhile contribution. The cynicism around innovation has turned it into nothing more than a buzzword for many. Even at the top there is a growing gap of translating and aligning innovation that many of the middle to senior managers struggle with articulating where innovation and strategy fit within the wider corporate goals. Innovation lacks a clear identifying mechanism for all to ‘pull towards’.

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Topics: Methods & Frameworks

The critical aspects for an innovation vision

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Jan 20, 2016 4:00:00 AM

When we consider developing an innovation vision it's easy to get bogged down in details as we craft and then re-craft this to reflect our realities. Most of our discussions are internally related.

We can miss some different and crucial components in building the vision, which reflects on many of the intangibles surrounding any view. It is critical for us to address how to embed the vision and relate the essential parts that need to come together. I believe we have to work harder at closing those many disconnects’ that surround our innovation understanding. We have to ‘set about’ the informing by creating a cohesive and consistent innovation purpose.

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Topics: Strategy & Alignment

Looking Back, Moving Forward in Your Innovation Understanding

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Dec 3, 2015 6:00:00 AM

As we come closer to the year-end it's good to look back, make some dedicated time to take ‘stock’, in this case, on innovation’s progress.

We decided to help you. In 2015 we have seen a significant surge in innovation reports, many of these coming from large consulting firms or innovation publishers. Each has been providing an updated view on where innovation presently 'sit’s, its challenges and the needs to be addressed going forward.

On behalf of HYPE I suggested there should be an attempt to pick out some of the interesting points within these reports, I was promptly given the challenge.

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Topics: The Innovation Manager

Sorting Through the Management Tools and Trends

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Oct 14, 2015 6:00:00 AM

We all are caught up in handling and understanding different management tools. The numbers are accelerating, and if anything it's adding more confusion to the pile we already have. So let’s see if we can help here, step back a little from your favourite tool and look at this just a little more deeply.

How do we pick through all the tools, let alone keep up with all the new ones emerging?

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Topics: Methods & Frameworks

Applying the Four Lenses of Innovation

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Sep 15, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Rowan Gibson wrote a book called “The Four Lenses of Innovation: A power tool for creating thinking” that came out earlier this year.

This is a book well worth obtaining and working through. Why? Well, it provides an understanding to the thinking patterns that lead innovators to their big ideas. By emulating these thinking patterns Rowan suggests you can really teach people the skills to improve all of our creative abilities for idea generation and imaginative problem-solving.

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Topics: Methods & Frameworks

Deeper reading or quick summary- often we don’t have the time?

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Aug 19, 2015 12:59:00 AM

I recently wrote a post “Delving into a complex world- finding research to help you learn and adapt”. On reflection I should have replaced the word “research” with “time”……to help you learn and adapt.

Finding time is a real struggle and going that extra mile to read thought leadership views can be a step to far, I know but I can’t help myself, it is part of my job and certainly for me, many are really worth it.

In that post I was recommending Deloitte and their thought leadership as a good place to visit. Now I’m not sure how many of you actually did and it was suggested by “the man” in charge of this blog to pick out a few and make a post summary of these as ones that might be useful, so I’ve chosen two that challenge and break ground.

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Topics: The Innovation Manager

Delving into a complex world - finding research to help you learn and adapt

Posted by Paul Hobcraft on Aug 3, 2015 12:41:00 PM

"The world has never been as complex, dynamic and uncertain as it is today and the pace of change will only increase." We hear this consistently, our continual problem is trying to make sense of it.

To attempt to keep up to date we all need to invest increasing time in acquiring a better understanding, a deeper knowledge of all the interconnected parts. Even if we are “time starved” we simply must try and keep moving along in this understanding.

As part of my job, advising others on all things swirling around innovation, I invest significant time in researching, learning and applying what I feel is important to others to understand or at least to raise their awareness.

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Topics: The Innovation Manager

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