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Michel Meisterjahn

Michel is HYPE's product marketing manager and holds a Master degree in General and Applied Linguistics from the University of Bonn. Having worked in HYPE’s professional service team for over 4 years, he has a profound understanding of the diverse challenges innovation professionals face and share around the globe. During that time, he developed a fascination for how specialized technology can help to simplify the complex and manifold challenges for innovation managers.
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Recent Posts

Effective Co-Creation - A Guide to Open Innovation Programs

Posted by Michel Meisterjahn on Feb 15, 2017 3:05:37 PM

Open Innovation is a challenging task for any company. Yet it yields great opportunities, and in this new world of digital transformation and rapid change in traditional markets, it's an approach CINOs have to consider.

But how do you get started, and what do you have to consider to make it a sustainable part of your transformation strategy?

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Topics: Methods & Frameworks

How Do You Deal With Digital Transformation?

Posted by Michel Meisterjahn on Dec 13, 2016 1:49:10 PM

Are you exploring digital transformation? Even if you're not, your company certainly is. DT is going to hit us all, you can't bail out of this one. The only choice companies have is to either complain about the difficulties and challenges that this historic change will impose on them, or - to embrace the opportunitites! 

Whatever the decision looks like, innovation initiatives are fighting on the forefront of this transformation. Thankfully, innovation managers can rely on plenty of research papers by leading analysts. Paul Hobcraft has worked through 140 reports from the last year or so, picked 14 of the best, and presented a deep dive on their findings.

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Topics: Disruption & Transformation

The Five Pillars of Trust for Innovation Programs

Posted by Michel Meisterjahn on Feb 9, 2016 1:05:41 PM

We all know that innovation management is hard work. Yet somehow, for some innovation professionals the challenge is harder than for others. Innovation managers are often the “lone wolf” in their company, especially when they are just getting started. Whether systematic online innovation management didn’t happen at all before or whether the last program just failed, it can be a serious challenge to convince management and fellow employees that there is actually business value in what you do.

If you’re one of the lone wolfs, here’s some guidance on how to get started when you set out to make innovation management work at your company.

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Topics: The Innovation Manager

Inbound Innovation Management

Posted by Michel Meisterjahn on Sep 30, 2015 11:52:00 AM

We hear from many innovation professionals that they struggle with their program, often, because the company does not really adopt it. The employees won't share ideas, middle managers are consumed by meeting the quarterly goals, top management sees innovation management as a nice-to-have.

I believe that marketing can help here.

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Topics: The Innovation Manager

How to Integrate Trend Scouting with Innovation Management

Posted by Michel Meisterjahn on May 8, 2015 2:27:00 PM

At the beginning of this year, HYPE joined forces with TRENDONE, a leading provider of trend analyses. HYPE now offers an interface between TRENDONE’s database, the Trendexplorer, and our innovation management platform HYPE Enterprise.
So far, we have seen mainly two reactions towards the topic of trends and trend analysis, to which I would like to give some first answers in this article:

  • “Sure, it’s nice, but where is the business value?”
  • “I get the idea, but how can I best put it to use?” 

The first question is crucial, of course – if you don’t see any business benefit in trend analysis, there is simply no reason to invest in it. So what are trends good for?

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Topics: Ideation & Collaboration

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