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Ian Ure

Ian Ure is Founder and Managing Partner of AllChange Strategic Consulting and is an expert in the fields of Vision and Strategy Execution, Organisational Change and Engagement Communications. Presently heading up the Strategic Change Practice at AllChange, Ian focuses on helping large organizations to work through organisational challenges associated with complexity, scale, multi-stakeholder engagement and achieving pragmatic Business and IT strategy execution that delivers real results at pace.

In the past, Ian worked with a number of blue chip consultancies and successfully set-up his own consultancy focused on turnaround strategy. He also worked to board level in the Hospitality, Retail & Leisure sectors for 13 years – so understands the client’s perspective intimately having earned a reputation for successfully turning around distressed businesses cost neutrally. He is a master facilitator and has been a guest speaker on the subjects of brand operationalisation, strategy execution and strategic leadership.

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Recent Posts

Strategic Change Delivery: The Value Of Getting Your Upfront Thinking Right

Posted by Ian Ure on Jul 12, 2016 10:13:09 PM

When you were last involved in strategic delivery planning, did you have full sight of the operational reality facing your teams every day? How comfortable were you that you had a grip on the key challenges and opportunities to realistically deliver on your objectives? How confident were you that you had managed to avoid biased thinking based on inaccurate assumption, assertion, and stereotype? …the kind of thinking that might kill your new initiative before it got started.

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Topics: Strategy & Alignment

Does Your Organization Have An Innovation Mentality?

Posted by Ian Ure on Jul 7, 2015 5:44:00 PM

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

If there were a top ten of quotes that capture the essence of what innovation is about – the human spirit pushing boundaries - this would definitely feature as one of my favorites. It captures the mentality – the shared attitude, mind-set, way of working, and way of thinking – that unites people in innovative organizations.

When I explore the quote during workshop discussions, the general consensus is that it fires up the imagination, conjuring vivid images of intrepid explorers and innovators from the past. Quite a few people who aren’t familiar with the quote assume it came from Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO.

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Topics: People & Culture

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