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Let’s Stop Talking About Innovation Culture and Just Execute

Posted by Stefan Lindegaard

May 26, 2015 7:00:00 AM

When I work and interact with large companies on innovation, one of the most discussed topics is how to develop a stronger innovation culture.

It is hard to define exactly what an innovation culture looks like, just as it is difficult to provide a single definition of innovation. I believe that it is very much up to each individual company to create a common language and understanding of these terms that fit the unique situation of the company.

In the context of this post, I assume that you have an overview of the key elements (such as an agile, adaptive workforce) and benefits (i.e., bring better products and services to market faster than your competitors) related to an innovation culture.

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Using Option Pathways to Address Disruption

Posted by Paul Hobcraft

May 25, 2015 7:33:40 PM

I found time last Saturday to sit down and listen to the discussion that occurred between Haydn Shaughnessy and Colin Nelson recently, on the Hype webinar “How Companies Address the Disruption Challenge and thoroughly enjoyed it

There I was penning my notes as they discussed between them their different views on how they saw this world where disruption is becoming part of our daily lives. I took a lot of ‘takeaways’ from it and I’d encourage you to find the time to listen to it. Also it prompted me to register and download Haydn’s White Paper written for Hype entitled “How companies address the disruption challenge

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The Key Insights Corporate Innovators Miss on the Execution of Innovation

Posted by Stefan Lindegaard

May 22, 2015 6:22:29 PM

As I have been working with HYPE Innovation on a series of sessions in which we looked into the difficult part of executing innovation, I have observed five major insights on this increasingly important topic of how to produce better outcomes from innovation ideas and projects.

1. The front end of innovation is the easy part. If you work with innovation management and execution in a large company and you feel you have difficulties getting enough ideas – even the right ideas – it is because you are not doing your job well enough. Ideas are in abundance inside your organization if you set up the right structures and processes for harnessing the input of employees. If you also go outside of your organization, one of the key challenges will be to manage the overload of input that you will get.

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Inside-out versus Outside-in – what’s the better strategy? (part 2)

Posted by Elena Ozeritskaya

May 18, 2015 9:10:00 PM

Different studies have shown that 40-90 percent of innovations fail. Studies have also shown that innovation processes involving customers, especially lead users, are more likely to succeed in the market place since they just have better and more creative ideas than internal product developers.

An Outside-In approach to business

In the outside-in company, as opposed to inside-out one, the key word is need, not product. Their people think expansively. They're totally immersed in the minds of their customers, looking for ways to expand demand. Their business plans and value propositions derive from the marketplace, based on the knowledge gathered at ground level. Often, the needs they define haven't yet been identified by the customers themselves.

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Inside-out versus Outside-in – what’s the better strategy? (part 1)

Posted by Elena Ozeritskaya

May 14, 2015 5:54:38 PM

The Inside-Out approach is guided by the belief that the inner strengths and capabilities of the organisation will produce a sustainable future. The Outside-In approach is instead guided by the belief that customer value creation is the key to success.

As a passionate Customer Insight Strategist I tend to prefer the Outside-in approach to business looking at your customers’ latent/hidden needs and translate them into solutions that will serve them.

However I must say that I am intrigued with companies that do what they believe in and stay close to what they know best.

An Inside-Out approach to business

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How to Integrate Trend Scouting with Innovation Management

Posted by Michel Meisterjahn

May 8, 2015 2:27:00 PM

At the beginning of this year, HYPE joined forces with TRENDONE, a leading provider of trend analyses. HYPE now offers an interface between TRENDONE’s database, the Trendexplorer, and our innovation management platform HYPE Enterprise.
So far, we have seen mainly two reactions towards the topic of trends and trend analysis, to which I would like to give some first answers in this article:

  • “Sure, it’s nice, but where is the business value?”
  • “I get the idea, but how can I best put it to use?” 

The first question is crucial, of course – if you don’t see any business benefit in trend analysis, there is simply no reason to invest in it. So what are trends good for?

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Intrapreneurs, Catalysts, Champions, etc: The Changing Needs Within Innovation Development

Posted by Anthony Ferrier (CEO - Culturevate)

May 7, 2015 10:45:09 AM

In my latest articles I have focused on the changing perceptions of Intrapreneurs within corporate organizations. My first article focused on the frameworks used to define intrapreneurial activities and the second article reviewed the specific actions that can be used to engage and drive results from Intrapreneurs within a corporate context.

But a question is, why is this kind of activity suddenly such an area of focus?

I have been attending innovation-focused conferences for some time now. However, within the last 12 months or so I have seen an increased level of frustration around the direction and results that corporate innovation development programs are achieving. Now keep in mind, I am seeing that from the perspective of the innovation program leadership, which I know is being amplified at the Corporate and Business Unit leadership levels. Essentially this frustration is a result of a few things:

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Topics: Employee Engagement, Intrapreneurship

Activities To Support Your Employee Intrapreneurs

Posted by Anthony Ferrier (CEO - Culturevate)

May 6, 2015 7:00:00 AM

In my most recent article I talked about some different models and approaches that large organizations are taking to support intrapreneurs.

As I had outlined, there are a variety of flavors and styles of intrapreneur design and management for organizations to consider, but they generally share a consistent set of benefits, including:

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Fueling Your Employees’ Entrepreneurial Spirit: A New Approach to Intrapreneurs and the Value They Create

Posted by Anthony Ferrier (CEO - Culturevate)

May 5, 2015 10:57:00 AM

Cast your mind back to pre-2008 times, when bright and bushy tailed graduates would come out of business school looking for roles in the relevant employers of choice. Generally those organizations were large businesses, providing incentives such as expensive dinners, a career advancement path and generous financial packages.

Well, a lot has changed since then, and one of the benefits generated from the great recession has been the explosion of entrepreneurial activity across all sectors of the economy. This is both a business and societal change, generating amazing wealth and turning successful entrepreneurs into the rock stars of their time. Talk to any business school graduate these days, and what they want is to actively utilize their new found skills to create value, in a supportive, fast moving culture with a broader positive societal impact. The stark reality is that they don’t see large organizations providing those opportunities.

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Do the 15 minutes challenge: Your key to success!

Posted by Jaspar Roos

Apr 24, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Truth be told: Just because you are at work does not mean that you are actually getting any work done. A recent study by the software development company Atlassian pinpoints that less than 60% of the work time is spent productively. Excessive emails, long and unproductive meetings and the constant trivial interruptions at the workplace are among the prime factors that restrain you from keeping up with your daily to-dos.

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